With an XXL Nikola Vucevic, the Bulls revive against overpriced Warriors

End of bad series for the Bullswho end their week ideally by resuming success after three defeats in a row, by offering themselves at home the defending champions (132-118), after a very big attack match.

In the absence of DeMar DeRozanresting for the second game in a row because of a sore thigh, it’s Nikola Vucevic who took the reins of the attack: 43 points at 18/31 on shots! It is an equalization of his career record, achieved in February 2021 against… the Bulls, when he was still playing with the Magic. In the momentum of the Montenegrin pivot, it was the entire collective of Illinois who unrolled, ending the match with 51% success on shots.

In front, the Warriors did not have much to envy since they completed the meeting with 49% on shots, including 41% from behind the arc (21/51!). But the teammates of Stephen Curry in fact spoiled this great overall address with 23 ball losses, which resulted in 31 points for the Bulls! With a final gap of 14 points in an otherwise rather balanced attacking match, it hurts.

Before taking the direction of our dear capital to challenge the Pistons there on Thursday evening, the Bulls thus garner full of confidence, while the Warriors must continue relentlessly over the next few days in Boston then Cleveland, before receiving Brooklyn…


A series of « runs », then the fatal blow of the Bulls. The first three quarters indeed offered several twists. First there was a very big start for the Bulls, who took a 15-point lead at the end of the first quarter by unrolling their attack without dragging (35-20). Then, as good title holders, the Warriors responded furiously in the next act, with a 42-24 to take control of the score at the break (62-59)! Upon returning from the locker room, the Bulls regained their senses and their attack, winning the third quarter by 9 points before entering the final quarter (92-86). At the neck of which « Vooch » and his colleagues drove the point home and secured the victory by adding 40 points to complete a match definitely not turned towards the defense.

An “old-fashioned” performance by Nikola Vucevic. First game to 40 points or more in Chicago for Nikola Vucevic, who also grabbed 13 rebounds to sign an XXL performance, which recalled his best days in Florida, when he was in the center of the attack from the low post and the « pick -and-pop”. Because it is indeed in these patterns that the pivot of the Bulls did the most of his damage: in the paint against players all smaller than him, where he scored 26 of his 43 points, and behind the arc out of the screen (5/10), taking advantage of the hesitations of the Warriors defense to draw shamelessly. Often the great forgotten of the Bulls trio in attack, “Vooch” had fun and remembered, for one evening, the feeling that the status of attacking n ° 1 gave.


Zach LaVine. Solid game from the rear of the Bulls, who willingly left the reins of attack to Nikola Vucevic to shine in the role of his lieutenant. With 27 points (7/18 on shots, including 1/8 from behind the arc, but 12/14 on free throws), 9 rebounds, 6 assists, one interception and one counter, he effectively assured.

Alex Caruso. In difficulty on the ground lately, and especially recently included in transfer rumors as the « deadline » approaches, with in particular an interest in him from… the Warriors, the « combo guard » of the Bulls has regained some serenity and certainty, in the five majors, with a good all-around performance: 12 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 steals, and the best +/- of his team at +24.

Jordan Poole. The Warriors’ sixth man took fewer shots than usual, and he was then rather very efficient and sober (15 points at 5/8). Also adding 2 rebounds, 3 assists (but 4 ball losses) and 2 interceptions, to offer his team good entries, in a role of real Swiss army knife, whose effectiveness was less dependent on his sole shooting skill.

✅⛔️ The « Splash Brothers ». Mixed feelings about the game of Stephen Curry (20 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists) and Klay Thompson (26 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists). The statistical production is there, but not the efficiency: the first lost 8 balls for only 4 passes, when the second persisted in spraying behind the arc, even if in absolute terms he was effective in this area (8/15), without trying to vary.


Bulls (20-24): heading to Paris, to face the Pistons there on Thursday evening (9 p.m.).

Warriors (21-22): “back-to-back”, in Washington (9 p.m.).

Chicago / 132ShotsBounces
PlayersMinimumShots3 pointsLFODTpdpartyIntbpCT+/-PointsRating
N. Vucevic3918/315/102/2491341410+124350
Z. LaVine407/181/812/1427963121+102729
D.Jones Jr.222/60/13/310133110+1877
G. Dragic92/50/20/00000102004-1
Golden State / 118ShotsBounces
PlayersMinimumShots3 pointsLFODTpdpartyIntbpCT+/-PointsRating
K. Looney264/40/01/224612110+5915
A. Wiggins294/132/81/414533000-4117
A. Lamb224/52/34/513426011-111418
P. Baldwin Jr.21/21/20/000000000+132
J. Poole265/81/44/402234240+31515
Mr Moody61/21/20/000010010-832

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