With a young license and a Lamborghini, he drives at full speed in Beauvais and meets… the police commissioner

By taking the streets of downtown Beauvais for a racing circuit, the driver caused concern among pedestrians. It is nearly 8 p.m. this Wednesday evening when Commissioner Antoine Boulanger leaves his office. Arrived at rue Binet, he saw « a vehicle driving very quickly in the direction of Lycée Truffaut ». The officer then chases this black Lamborghini while signaling his presence to his staff.

Not suspecting that he is being followed, the driver will multiply dangerous maneuvers at excessive speed while the city center is limited to 30 km/h. Picked up by the police a few minutes later, at the level of the avenue de la République, he was placed in police custody on Tuesday evening while waiting for the Beauvais prosecutor’s office to decide on his fate.

“He did not expect to end up in police custody”

Throughout his shadowing, the commissioner observes the behavior of the driver from his unmarked vehicle. “He swerves right and left, uses his engine excessively, squeals his tires, all while driving like crazy. In short, he is clever, sighs Antoine Boulanger. He was making a lot of noise, people were turning on his way. »

« Very unfavorably » known to the police, the driver, born in 1993 but still young, owns a rental car company, where he had borrowed this Lamborghini, whose value, estimated by the police, would reach at least 300,000 euros. “He expected to be simply fined but not to end up in police custody,” notes the commissioner. The car is currently confiscated.

Under the 2018 law against motorized rodeos, he could face up to a year in prison and a 15,000 euro fine. According to the police, video surveillance cameras filmed all the scenes. Elements which could make it possible to characterize a little more the dangerous behavior of the individual.

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