With 3 Formula 1 Grand Prix from 2023, fans will travel more regularly to the USA!

From now on, the Formula 1 world championship has a large number of races taking place in the United States. Moreover, next season, three dates will be on the calendar, against two this year. This will be an absolute record, never before has the premier category of motorsport been so rich in Grand Prix located at Uncle Sam’s. Thus, in addition to the rounds in Miami (which took place two weeks ago) and Austin (upcoming), the Las Vegas Grand-Prix will also be there in 2023. For a show that promises to be totally excessive and glamorous, like this surreal city.

Formula 1 in the United States: a new El Dorado?

While American motorsport fans have only had eyes for the Indycar and Nascar championships, recently they have also become passionate about Formula 1. Despite the total absence of American drivers in the discipline in question, hence this feat, of which Liberty Media can boast. So how is it that this category, more popular in Europe, South America or Japan, has recently been so popular with Uncle Sam? There are several reasons for this. First of all, the Haas team (a big name in motorsport in North America, associated with Stewart) has been in F1 for some time. Even if the formation in question has never won the slightest podium…

Secondly, the dominance of Briton Lewis Hamilton has attracted a new, younger audience, fans of fashion, music or cinema. In a word, more “fashionable”. Because the seven-time world champion has become friends with American stars such as Will Smith, Serena Williams, Rihanna or even Gigi Hadid. A more « people » side relatively unheard of in Formula 1, fueled by the person’s pronounced taste for fashion, with colorful outfits, jewelry and other accessories setting the Englishman apart and on the fringes of his colleagues, more classics in their lifestyle. In addition, his committed side, in particular in favor of the animal cause, the LGBTQ+ movement or even in his fight against racism (having even had an impact on Formula 1 as a whole with anti-racist actions, since the last year) attracted new audiences.

Finally, Formula 1 has been returning to the United States for a few years, first of all thanks to the Austin circuit, in Texas. Then, since this year, in the very glamorous city of Miami. And finally, next year, with the Las Vegas Grand-Prix. Entries which also demonstrate that interest in F1 has grown across the Atlantic recently. So much so that a business is now possible between companies based in the USA and the premier category of motorsport in Europe.

Apply for an ESTA, online, to go to the USA!

Incidentally, these Grand Prix also attract the public, which consumes for three days – in the United States – sometimes beyond the limits of the circuit. Because spectators come from all over America but also from all over the world to attend these prestigious races. Particularly in the case of destinations such as Miami and Las Vegas, which are very attractive to fans from all over the world. Who, very often, will visit hotels, restaurants, casinos and others during their journey. For these purposes, it is obviously necessary to have the necessary papers to travel to the USA, when one comes from the old continent, in particular. Official steps are therefore necessary, for all practical purposes. Thus, the ESTA for the United States allows you to travel to the United States without holding a Visa. The procedures are quite quick and are done online, via a functional and intuitive platform.

Above all, the request is relatively economical since the price of the ESTA for the United States is less than thirty euros. Concretely, this term “ESTA” simply means, in English, Electronic System for Travel Authorization. You will learn more about this system by taking a look at the video offered below. But be aware that payment can be made by Credit Card and even via Paypal. And that in case of rejection of your request, the costs will be fully refunded to you. Note that the price remains fixed and in euros, which avoids unpleasant surprises linked to rate fluctuations. In addition, no additional transaction fees, administration fees and other charges will be added to the final amount. The only case in which you will have to pay a supplement is that of an emergency request. In this specific situation, an amount of €17.50 per person will be requested by the service concerned. Finally, be aware that, once your request has been accepted, you will be immediately notified by e-mail and SMS. For an emergency request, count about an hour before obtaining the sesame. After which, the ESTA will be valid for a period of two years. With the possibility of making stays of up to 90 consecutive days.

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