Winner of Watford, Liverpool takes (provisionally) the lead of the Premier League

However, against Watford, Jürgen Klopp’s men who remained on eight straight victories in the Championship suffered, less because they were moved by Moussa Sissoko’s teammates than by their shortcomings of the day. Waste, a lot, in the last thirty meters, bad choices too, the Reds rarely found the frame like the long shots of Mohamed Salah (1st), Diego Jota (17th, 52nd) and Curtis Jones (47th ), desperate attempts for lack of solutions, often.

The header above Salah (66th) was no happier, but fortunately Diego Jota had earlier shown the way to Liverpool with a header after an excellent cross from Joe Gomez (1-0, 23rd). Just before, Alisson had won his duel against Juraj Kucka (22nd) allowing the Reds, with Sadio Mané and Fabinho on the bench in particular, to switch the game to the right side if not to control it.

Despite Joao Pedro’s off-target attempt on a perfect serve from former Rennais Ismaïla Sarr (57′), the end of the game, between the quest for a second goal (finally by Fabinho from the penalty spot, 2-0, 88′) and possession management, also recalled that the English club is preparing for an important week between its Champions League quarter-final against Benfica on Tuesday and its « final » against City on Sunday.

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