Wilshere says he had ‘depressive thoughts’

Without a club since May 2021, Jack Wilshere went through a difficult time last summer. Enough to plunge him into dark thoughts, which he details without taboo.

Jack Wilshere’s career is on hold. After spending 6 months at Bournemouth last season, the Englishman had no offers last summer. Enough to plunge the former rising glory of football into a depression that he tells the DailyMail.

“I was in denial, he explains. I did a television interview in which I said that I hoped to have an offer the following week. It didn’t happen and I slipped to…I don’t want to use the word “depression”. There are people in far worse situations.”

« Still, I had depressive thoughts, dark thoughts. I stayed in my bed until noon, didn’t even sleep and spent my time questioning myself.»

Wracked by injuries when he was to be the new Lampard or Gerrard, Wilshere never had the career he hoped for. At Arsenal, he now takes care of a youth team. But don’t plan on retiring. « I’m sure I still have the physique and I can perform. My career is not over.»

Still without offers in England, the former Arsenal is exploring all his options. He took a Cypriot passport and says he is ready to go and discover Eastern Europe if necessary.

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