William, a very popular prince who is preparing to be king

Over the years, “Wills” won the hearts of Britons, many of whom wanted him to succeed his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II directly, in place of his less-appreciated father. While waiting for his turn, William strives to lead as normal a life as possible, caring for his three young children, with whom he lives at Kensington Palace in London, and wisely bowing to the constraints of public life.

An increasingly important role

A former helicopter-paramedic pilot for two years, he left this job in 2017 to devote himself full-time to his duties within the royal family. A role that grew as her aging grandmother Elizabeth II eased off while her brother Harry and uncle Andrew distanced themselves from the royal family.

The first moved to California in 2020 with his family, denouncing the harassment of the British media. The second was asked to be discreet because of his links with the American financier Jeffrey Epstein, who, accused of having sexually exploited underage girls for years, committed suicide in prison.

 » The real life « 

Born on June 21, 1982, a year after his parents married, William was raised outside the royal cocoon as much as possible, just like his younger brother Harry. Their mother Diana did everything to show them what « real life » was like, taking them to amusement parks or even homeless shelters that « the people’s princess » supported. William said his mother would sing « loudly » to Tina Turner’s track « The Best » to lighten the mood when she drove him and Harry back to their boarding school.


Her parents’ divorce in 1996, followed by Diana’s death a year later in a car accident in Paris while being chased by paparazzi, put an end to this carefree life. William was then only 15 years old. After an education at the elite Eton College, William spent a year traveling in Africa and backpacking with the military in Belize. After this sabbatical year, the prince joined the benches of the prestigious university of St Andrews in Scotland where he studied the history of art then geography. It was there that he met Kate Middleton, daughter of an ex-air hostess who made a fortune with her husband by starting a party supplies business.

father involved

Their union was celebrated in 2011 during a sumptuous wedding followed by two billion viewers. The couple gave birth to three children: George in 2013, Charlotte in 2015, then Louis in 2018. Breaking with the traditions of royal dads, William boasted of having changed his children’s diapers. During the confinement, spent in their second home in Norfolk (east of England), he helped the two oldest with their homework, and confided that maths was not his strong point. Cultivating a certain distance with the media, he rarely gives interviews.

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