Will the French football team win the World Cup?

Confidence reigns if I judge by the comments! !

It is true that the players of the France team are more motivated by passions other than football!
As for Skyrunnernumber1’s comment, let me remind him that it’s the players who are on the field and it’s them who make the team work or not. Perhaps this commentator has a bigger track record than Deschamps? If so, let him apply to take his place. Let’s not associate Deschamps with Le Graet. Indeed, the latter drags pans of his own and which do a lot of damage to football. Let’s not forget either that some players are far too preoccupied with interests that have nothing to do with football. Finally, many crooks are very present in football, including in amateur football. Former player, I was very surprised at the credulity of their victims.


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