Will the « fastest car in the world » be ridiculous?

The Dubai Devel Sixteen promised 5,000 horsepower and over 500 km / h at top speed. For now, it is above all a car with a strange physique whose performance is still very far from the figures put forward by the brand.

Dubai Motor Show 2013. The brand new Devel brand unveils a scale 1 model with a crazy style. This supercar project, financed by local funds, promises a sports car with terrifying performance. Not only would its power exceed 5,000 horsepower, but its top speed would also explode the 500 km / h mark. Above the 490 km / h of the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+, therefore.

Since then, we have seen a few images of certain development prototypes, sometimes filmed at a standstill or at a very slow pace. The gigantic engine, a V16 made up of two assembled Chevrolet V8s, is prepared by the Americans from Steve Morris Engines. But for now, the Sixteen is very far from offering the expected performance. Moreover, it will develop « only » 3000 horsepower in its road-approved version according to the brand’s communicators.

Will it ever be over?

The video below shows the Sixteen during its first real road test, carried out in Italy a few days ago. Its V16 is not yet equipped with the four turbos planned and the car obviously seems very, very far from having finished its development. But Devel specifies that you can already order it and that there will be « eight months of delay » for the delivery. So, leaving to sign a check for two million euros?

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