Will Rodrigue Beaubois finally play with the France team?

While he shines on the side of Istanbul, Rodrigue Beaubois could well take advantage of his great performances to recover a ticket to participate in the next international competitions with the Blues. Finally a first selection at… 34 years old?

An important member of Anadolu Efes Istanbul, can Rodrigue Beaubois still dream of the Blues? Despite obvious talent and a great club career (NBA champion with the Mavs in 2011, double EuroLeague winner with Istanbul in 2021 and 2022, among others), the combo guard has never been able to honor any selection with the French team. A rather incredible scenario which can be explained by several reasons: injuries at the worst moment, leaders not always eager to let the player participate in international competitions (hello Mark Cuban), but also the decisions of the staff.

If Vincent Collet has long tried to bring Beaubois back to the Blues, the coach has not included him in his latest lists, whether for the Tokyo Olympics or the last EuroBasket. While he will celebrate his 35th birthday in February, the player therefore seemed to be heading towards a career without the slightest cape under the cockerel jersey. And yet! We learn today via Alain Digbeu, former international and consultant for SKWEEKthat the player could perhaps join the France group for the next international competitions! Boris Diaw indeed came to meet him in Turkey.

“He is in good shape, he is fulfilled. And Boris Diaw came three weeks ago I think, a month in Istanbul. We talked about it at the table and I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the French team. […]

Boris made eyes at her. He said to her: « You’re super hot, you still have to think about it. » To end up in the Olympics is a crazy prospect. I don’t know if Rodrigue has that in mind but we all know Rodrigue, he’s very cool, he’ll take his time. It will take time to decide. In any case, it’s good news for him and it gives an additional option for the French team.

We remind you that Boris Diaw is now Manager of the French team so this trip to Turkey still means something. In top form with Istanbul, Beaubois is averaging 12.4 points in the EuroLeague this year. By participating in the 2023 World Championship and then the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, he would have the opportunity to finally achieve his international goal and perhaps even end his career on a very high note, with potentially a big medal at the ‘arrival.

Rodrigue Beaubois and the Blues are a duo that has never found each other but it could well happen soon. will the Istanbul guard finally be able to play in the France team jersey?

Text source: SKWEEK

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