Will Power is another man

When the red and black single-seater of Will Power (Team Penske) rallies the arrival of the Monterey Grand Prix in third place this Sunday, September 11, Ron Ruzewski expects his radio to hammer his eardrums. The No. 3 Dallara strategist has a habit of lowering his headset volume when situations reach fever pitch for his Aussie rider. However, what he hears has nothing to do with a cry of liberation.  » I can’t thank everyone on the team enoughdeclares the most calmly of the world Will Power, then in his lap of deceleration. It was absolutely teamwork this year. You have not committed any fault, I owe you this second title. « This is a sincere contrast to Fontana’s tears eight years ago, when he won his first IndyCar title, or with his triumph at the Indianapolis 500 in May 2018.  » Respect me, motherfucker he had dropped with conviction on the radio. An insult that the live TV production was quick to cut! If these statements are anecdotal, they nevertheless prove the pilot’s transformation.

The Australian will have had dealings with Dario Franchitti at the start of his Indycar career © DPPI

The young and combative Will Power is the tails of the character. The one that has become the most popular across the Atlantic. You just have to see what brand left his double middle finger launched in front of the cameras in 2011 among aficionados of this sport to understand that the Aussie carries with him an image of a nice provocateur. Fans have even hijacked the image by replacing the indexes with Astor Cups (trophy presented to the IndyCar champion. Editor’s note) to celebrate his two IndyCar titles. Rather than being outraged, the spectators placed themselves on the pilot’s side. He had good reason to be furious. The race management had decided to relaunch the contested event on the New Hampshire oval as the rain fell on the asphalt. The pileup was inevitable and Will Power paid the price.  » I know it’s a bad move, but I couldn’t hold myself back, I was emotional, roared the brazen. All the pilots were begging to cancel the procedure! I can’t believe what commissioners are doing. It’s a shame. Some community service with IndyCar did nothing to calm Will Power.

Double-sided Power

Combative, the native of Toowoomba (Australia) was also combative when taking a stand against the drift of peloton races on ovals. A trend born of the war on aerodynamic kits between Chevrolet and Honda, and accentuated by those responsible for the discipline, delighted to offer an infernal spectacle to the public and to television channels.  » It’s just a matter of time before a serious accident takes placehe predicted in June 2015. You have to take crazy risks to win a place. This is madness. » Two months pl

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