Wilfried Nancy is quite satisfied with the progress of CF Montreal

I ask myself the questionNancy confessed Monday afternoon, when asked where her troop was, right now, within this process.

We must not forget, as I often say, that we are a group which is new, a group which is young, so we have put things in place, he recalled.

During his videoconference ahead of the game against Atlanta United on Wednesday at Saputo Stadium, Nancy let it be known that he had made what he called a inventory of his team a few weeks ago.

He did it another Monday, he said, and he is generally quite satisfied, although his team will appear in front of a crowd of 15,000 fans on Wednesday night after losing its last three games.

We are well compared to what I had planned at the level of the team, that is to say at the level of the style of play, of what we want to put in place, at the level of the objectives, at the level results.

A quote from:Wilfried Nancy, CF Montreal head coach

After the last two defeats of his team against formations located at the ends of the classification of the Association Est de la MLS, Nancy had each time talked about process, step by step.

Following the difficult 2-1 loss to the New England Revolution on July 25, Nancy remarked that her team might not be ready to win such a duel against the cream of the league. , despite the good performance of its players.

We must not go faster than the music, he had among other things illustrated.

On Saturday night, after the disappointing loss to Inter Miami CF, Nancy made comments that, once again, hinted that there were lessons to be learned.

I want to say it’s good that it’s happening to us, somewhere […] I often say that there are stages to be taken.

A quote from:Wilfried Nancy, CF Montreal head coach

Monday afternoon, he repeated comments that were in the same direction. Still, he painted a fairly positive picture of his troop’s performance overall.

Yes, indeed, we lost maybe five or six points that we could have had, but if we did not have them, it is, indeed, because we were not ready to have these points. -there, because we still lacked a little more maturity in the game at times.

For his part, midfielder Victor Wanyama went back to basics: accumulating victories.

Victor Wanyama smiles behind his microphone

Victor Wanyama at a press conference

Photo: Radio-Canada

We want to win. We want to win every game. We know it’s difficult because we just lost three games in a row. We need everyone and we need to stay strong, together. So we’ll get there.

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