Wildfires come to Major League Baseball


The numerous forest fires currently raging, particularly in Quebec, have forced major league baseball to postpone two games on Wednesday.

This is the game between the Chicago White Sox and the Yankees in New York, as well as the meeting between the Detroit Tigers and the Phillies in Philadelphia. The host clubs of these two matches made the announcement, stating that they will be played on Thursday.

Earlier, MLB Network revealed that Major League Baseball is monitoring environmental conditions in several cities where games are scheduled to be played. The league is also in communication with medical and meteorological experts.

With the agreement of the Players Association, the circuit has the power to postpone a match due to air quality. He did so during the 2020 campaign, when wildfires ravaged the northwestern region of North America.

In Toronto, the game between the Blue Jays and the Houston Astros does not seem in danger.

However, Canada’s only major league team has announced that the duel will be played with the roof of the Rogers Center closed. The Jays added that the situation could change if Environment Canada announces an improvement in air quality by the start of the game.

The Queen City has reached level 7 on the afternoon air quality index, which is considered high risk.


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