Why the price of cars will increase

NEWS – Between the integration of new safety equipment and the next Euro 7 pollution control standard, vehicles will increase by several hundred euros.

They would do well without it. Motorists will again be hit in the wallet. As the price of fuel at the pump continues to rise, motorists will have to contend with a further rise in the price of new vehicles. Next year, all models on the market will have to integrate phase 2 of the GSR (Global Safety Regulation). Imposed by the European Commission, these new safety standards intended in particular to protect the most vulnerable people – mainly pedestrians – will increase the price of vehicles by around 200 to 300 €, according to Gilles Le Borgne, the director of the engineering of the Renault group. And that’s only the beginning. A new Euro 7 depollution standard is being discussed in Brussels. It is due to come into force in 2026 for private vehicles and light commercial vehicles. « All manufacturers would like a little more time to develop technologies for light commercial vehicles », explains the Renault engineer.

This new standard should be ratified next November. Given the level of pollution control requirements imposed on cold starting, manufacturers will have to add expensive technologies. « The additional financial cost will be around 1,000 euros », says Gilles Le Borgne. In fact, the only way to avoid the release of certain gases at start-up is to raise the temperature of the elements very quickly. Only electrical devices will do this. These new constraints are in addition to the hardening of the trajectory for reducing CO emissions.2 imposed by Brussels. By 2030, the automotive industry should have reduced its average greenhouse gas emissions by 55% compared to today. The commitment was made to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the only way according to the International Energy Agency to curb global warming.

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