Why the New Jersey Devils’ new jersey isn’t so bad

The soup of the day in the hockey world goes around in the new third jersey revealed by the New Jersey Devils.

A simple design, the black jersey literally says « Jersey » across the front and is accompanied by 21 stripes to represent the state’s 21 counties. But if you scroll through social media, all you’ll find are people making jokes.

« It can go from the worst jersey in NHL history to the best if the Devils also wear pants that say PANTS on them » wrote a user.

“Someone in the Devils found the first draft of the 2019 Blackhawks Winter Classic jerseys in a drawer and said ‘shit, good enough’. write another.

The truth, however, is that the old pro teams in New Jersey and Chicago donned similar jerseys.

But the joke is pretty easy, right? Jersey is definitely a handy fruit one day of new nits, but I’m actually quite a fan of the design.

The Devils collaborated with HHOF’er and New Jersey legend Martin Brodeur on the design. Brodeur, who works with the team as executive vice president of hockey operations, said the jersey is inspired by hockey roots in the Northeast.

It will be worn 13 times this year,

“The organization has been playing with the same jersey for almost 40 years, and being part of the offer of a third jersey for our fans to enjoy is going to leave a big mark,” said Brodeur. “The new jersey is inspired by a history of Garden State hockey that fans may not be familiar with, and is layered with design cues from the Devils’ championship success. It is a swimsuit that our former students envy and that they would have liked to be able to wear in their time. People across the state and country know us as ‘Jersey’, it’s our place, our home and this jersey means it. « 

Brodeur’s influence is vast. The lacing on the shirt collar mirrors the goalie’s net, as he noted that « friends, family, strangers, people visiting towns » in New Jersey refer to it simply as « Jersey. » .

The black and white striped pattern pays homage to the history of hockey in the area by honoring the Newark Bulldogs, River Vale Skeeters and Jersey Larks, all clubs that have played in various professional hockey leagues from the late 1980s. 1920s to 60s.

While honoring the past, they have nevertheless taken a step into the future. It’s a design that diehard hockey fans still think hockey shouldn’t be played in hot climates, while the younger crowd will love the step forward. For a league that is continually trying to grow its brand and reach new fan bases, this stuff is a step in the right direction.

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