Why the John Wall soap opera isn’t moving forward, despite a team’s interest

Still stuck with the Rockets, John Wall hopes for a change by the deadline. It’s a possibility, but it’s highly unlikely given the player’s position. Indeed, we know why this soap opera is not moving forward, and let’s say that Wall is not doing everything to leave either.

Well recovered from his injuries, John Wall hopes to make his debut this season, whether with the Rockets or elsewhere. According to the latest reports, the point guard will not have the opportunity to play with Houston, who are instead looking to get rid of the player at the moment. The problem ? The market is relatively empty.

Today, only one team expressed interest to recruit the former Wizard, but that does not mean that an agreement will be reached. After all, Wall is due to hit nearly 47 million next year, forcing teams to find other solutions. Also, the player’s clan does not make it easy.

Rich Paul’s risky tactic with John Wall

Indeed, if Wall really wants to leave, he can find a solution: a buyout. He gives up part of his salary, and can join the market. Free, he will have no trouble finding a franchise for the end of the season, except that Rich Paul is not a fan of this tactic, like his client.

In a recent appearance, journalist Brian Windhorst confirms that Wall doesn’t want to lose money on his contract, which explains it all:

One thing that Rich Paul has made clear, at least for now: John Wall doesn’t want to give up money.

The interested party must receive around 91 million over the next two seasons, which explains this approach. While waiting for an outcome, the leader is training, far from the Rockets according to Marc J. Spears:

John is in Miami. He trains there. He asked the Rockets for permission to stay in Miami so he could be close to his kids and focus on his training.

John Wall will not give up his money, which means that a return to the courts soon is to be ruled out, unless there is a miracle. Next summer ? It’s another story, since the leader will only have one year of contract left: from there, anything is possible.

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