Why Rudy Gobert’s trade almost collapsed!

While he is currently playing with the France team, Rudy Gobert will meet all his teammates in a few weeks with Wolves, during training camp in September. The pivot obviously hopes to find success in Minnesota, even if his trade almost never saw the light of day. Let’s say that his arrival did not convince everyone, at least initially.

Following numerous failures with the Jazz, which never managed to take a step forward in the Western Conference, Rudy Gobert suspected that his future was in danger in Salt Lake City. With a Danny Ainge around, no wonder the franchise made the choice to part ways with the Frenchman, while Donovan Mitchell could be next on the list. A new era begins in Utah, and despite everything, Rudy will have no regrets.

The Frenchman gave everything on the floor under the leadership of Quin Snyder, but it was not enough. This roster failed to win anything, or even achieve a great run in the playoffs. Gobzilla hopes it will be different with Wolves, where he will be tasked with doing some serious damage down the racket, with a Karl-Anthony Towns at his side. Two talented players, but the question arises: can such a duo work?

Wolves not convinced by Gobert at the start?

The talent is present for these two players, but it must be admitted that seeing such pivots on the same floor, and in the same team, can be surprising. Their role won’t be the same, but can they get the better of the competition? Minnesota owner Glen Taylor was unconvinced at first, so he was against it. But the current coach, Chris Finch, managed to make the difference.

President Tim Connelly, and coach Chris Finch, came to talk to me to discuss the trade and I asked the coach if he knew of a system to best utilize these two players. He was really very confident and he is sure he knows how to use them, how to win these two pivots. We talked a lot about the subject, and he convinced me that this trade was going to allow us to win. I was able to agree immediately.

Taylor wasn’t totally thrilled with this trade, at least initially. How can you blame him? Such an association does not happen every day in the NBA, but the coach and the president have done the job. A real risk, knowing that the Wolves have dropped several players, including 4 first draft rounds for Gobert. There is no real choice, this association has to work.

While waiting for the resumption of matches, with the Wolves, the supporters can admire Rudy with the France team. The latter was also convincing during his first match with the Blues, to the point that he took a first record. We can say that it starts well for the French, who intends to win the Euro in September with Evan Fournier and company.

Rudy Gobert at Wolves? This trade was not obvious, to the point that the owner could have simply refused. He was finally convinced, but logically expects results for the new season. No doubt, the pressure will be present in Minnesota.

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