Why Patrice Evra will not vote in the presidential election in France

It was in his publishing house in Paris that Patrice Evra gave an interview to Figaro. With a few months of the presidential election, Evra explained why he will not vote.

« I’ll be sincere, no I won’t vote even though I know a voice can make a difference»Recognizes the former defender and captain of the French football team in Figaro . In the midst of the presidential campaign, it is the home stretch for candidates for the presidency of France. But, for Patrice Evra, there are other solutions to politics.

« I am not in politics at all. I want to get involved in a different way, at my level, even if I am ready to help people above»Confides Patrice Evra. « Going to a breakfast at the Élysée is not enough, I want something concreteAdds the former international player. A choice that he fully assumes, he who currently lives in Dubai.

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