Why Kevin Durant and Sekou Doumbouya already know each other

The news fell on Friday: after two seasons in Detroit, Sekou Doumbouya will play for the Nets next season, at least if things don’t change. An ideal scenario for the French, especially since he already knows a certain Kevin Durant.

Author of an interesting rookie season with the Pistons, with several games over 20 points, Sekou Doumbouya unfortunately failed to confirm. His sophomore campaign is much more complicated, with declining playing time for a youngster (barely 15 minutes). It’s not glorious, especially since there is competition in Michigan.

So obviously, we could be wary of a trade, the name of Sekou having been mentioned in a rumor a few weeks ago. These noises of corridors were confirmed this Friday, since the Frenchman was sent to New York, to play for the Nets. A favorite for the title with great players? An ideal setting for the interior.

However, we can have fears, because for a 20-year-old, playing time is important. Doumbouya will have to give his maximum, especially as his future remains uncertain. With 17 guaranteed contracts, the Nets will still have to clean up. The latest information is not crazy for Sekou, who will have to prepare for all scenarios.

The ideal? May the Frenchman have a chance at the next training camp, where he will find … Kevin Durant. The star knows his new teammate, having spent time together at the gym last summer. A good thing therefore for the former Piston, even if his future in New York is very precarious.

Kevin Durant and Sekou Doumbouya training together in LA last year.

Sekou Doumbouya has the advantage of knowing Kevin Durant, which could help him in the coming weeks. The training camp will surely be decisive for our French, who will be keen to give his maximum with the Nets. We will quickly be fixed on his future.

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