Why is the sport pony market so booming? (1/2)

For months, the entire French equine sector has been repeating over and over that the sport horse market is doing very well, to the point that demand exceeds supply. But what about ponies? Do they benefit from the same improvement? Do professionals really feel it? GRANDPRIX heroes attempted to obtain some answers in a world traditionally discreet on economic issues. First part.

Before trying to answer with a semblance of truth to the question “How is the sport pony market doing?”, we must first look at its French production. While the number of saddle horse births stood at 17,756 in 2021 in France, the French Horse and Riding Institute (IFCE) recorded 4,058 saddle pony births. Between 2011 and 2021, the number of broodmares jumped by more than 145%. Then, it is necessary to examine the situation breed by breed, at least for the six main ones which are the French Saddle Pony, the Connemara, the New Forest, the Welsh, the Shetland and the Dartmoor. In number of…

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