Why Inter Miami turned down Bale

However, despite having priority, as per the MLS discovery list, Miami opted out of their interest in Bale, settling for the $75,000 compensation owed them by LAFC. It was Miami head coach Phil Neville who told reporters on Wednesday that Bale didn’t land in Florida because the franchise « didn’t want » to sign him.

Inter Miami didn’t try Bale

« Right now, I feel like we’re still in that foundation, building block phase. » Neville said. « And there will be times when we add the cherries and frostings to the cake. Even though it’s great on paper and all that, we felt that from a squad perspective, from this that we really wanted for this season. »

Neville admitted Bale is a fantastic player who will make Los Angeles stronger, but the timing was wrong for the project Inter Miami are building. « [Bale] would improve any football team, but we have a ceiling in this football club, we have a certain level of player that we think will improve us in certain areas“, said Neville.

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