Why his trade request? Kevin Durant reveals the truth!

After a few months of negotiations, Kevin Durant will indeed begin his season with the Brooklyn Nets, despite a trade request at the end of June. Difficult for the superstar to escape questions on the subject in front of the media on Monday, while he wished to give an official explanation. At least the supporters are fixed.

Media Day is today at the Nets, and as you can imagine, journalists came in droves for this first day. The questions are many for Kyrie Irving after his very turbulent summer, but even more for Kevin Durant, who will have to answer questions about his desires to leave. If Durantula finally decided to stay for a new adventure in the Big Apple, no one has forgotten his doubts about the front office.

Kevin Durant finally breaks the silence regarding his departure!

Proof of some animosity in the locker room, KD had asked for the departure of Sean Marks, the GM, and coach Steve Nash. Is the soap opera behind him? Why did the former Warrior really want to leave the Big Apple? This time, impossible for the person concerned to avoid all these questions in front of a crowd of journalists present for this return to school. So that’s what number 7 says to justify his desires elsewhere.

I’m getting old. I want to be in a stable place and try to build a culture of winning…we have reached a mutual agreement that we should move forward.

Not surprisingly, Durant wanted to calm things down in front of reporters, saying his desire to join a new team is a thing of the past. He is fully focused on his future in Brooklyn, with every intention of winning a title with Kyrie Irving, Ben Simmons and company.

He could however have been frustrated with his leaders, the latter having asked for a mountain of assets to give up the superstar. To believe that the front office never wanted to exchange KD, leading many teams at the same time. Is the Slim Reaper annoyed? No way :

Kevin Durant says he understands the Nets’ big demand for his trade: « I know how good I am, so you can’t just send me somewhere else. »

Visibly calmed down, confident for this season with the Nets, Kevin Durant is fully committed to the organization. No question for him to leave, on the contrary, count on him to lead his team to the end of the playoffs, at least if the current workforce works. It would be better for the future of the franchise.

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