Why Deandre Ayton never watches NBA games

In a recent post-workout interview relayed by The New York Times, Deandre Ayton explained that he never watched – apart from those of the Suns, of course – NBA games.

The pivot does not want to see the other teams play. Why ?

“I can’t watch because I have principles when it comes to basketball. And you know, I’ve seen too many bad habits and it just bothers me. So I don’t watch at all. »

This season the last NBA finalist, who will be a free agent with restriction this summer, shot 17.2 points at 63.4% and 10.2 rebounds on average. The Suns did not offer him a max contract in the fall, which did not demotivate the Bahamian.

« I’ve been at rock bottom so many times in my life, I’ve had so many disappointments, it was nothing to me. I was even more motivated with my back to the wall. The decision they made was out of my control. All I can do is keep playing because at the end of the day, you can be pissed all you want, but negotiating is business. And after ? You always have to play behind. I had teammates around me who made me smile every day. Same for coaches. Same energy in the front office. Nothing has changed. It didn’t happen. Ok. Let’s move on. Now we are here, number 1 in the NBA. And we are on a mission. »

Phoenix is ​​currently playing a spot in the Western Conference Finals against Dallas. Both teams are two-all in their series, with Game 5 scheduled for Tuesday in Phoenix.

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