Why Curry’s injury is good news for the Warriors

Currently 3rd in the West, the Warriors will have to deal without Stephen Curry at the end of the regular season. A news hard to swallow for the fans, but from which Steve Kerr manages to draw a positive side for the star leader and his team!

Failing to be able to count on their offensive leader, they will benefit from a relatively affordable schedule over the coming days. Deprived of Stephen Curry for a few weeks, the Warriors hope to find him before the start of the playoffs. In the meantime, apart from trips to Miami and Memphis, as well as the receptions of the Suns and Jazz, it is a rather light program that awaits Steve Kerr’s men.

The Golden State coach will for his part have to find solutions in the absence of his star leader to best address this pivotal period before the start of serious things. A deal that would have gone well given his furious reaction to the Chief’s injury. Anyway, the time is not for alarmism for him or his team. He seems to have understood it well.

The Benefits of Curry’s Unavailability According to Steve Kerr

The upcoming absence of Curry will notably allow Jordan Poole to assert himself a little more in the Dubs attack, he who has been on the rise since the beginning of March with 23.3 points on average (56.4% shooting, 50.0% 3 dots). According to Kerr, it will also have a beneficial aspect… for Steph, who will thus obtain a welcome break before the postseason!

On the positive side of Curry’s injury, Kerr said Steph will have the opportunity to come back « revitalized and with the batteries recharged. » It reminds him of Steph’s tailbone injury last season, and the dashing comeback the point guard made afterwards.

Even if he would have preferred not to have to do without the services of Curry, the Californian coach is therefore trying to remain positive. He hopes to see his player return to competition as thunderously as a year ago. At the time, the double MVP had missed 5 games following a heavy fall, then posted an average of 36.9 points at the end of the year. Kerr therefore has reason to hope for a similar situation in the weeks to come!

Unfortunate in appearance for the Warriors, the injury of Steph Curry could therefore also have some positive consequences for the franchise. The latter must now dream that the Chef will start the playoffs in great shape and on fire!

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