Why Cupra, crowned in Pure ETCR, chose electric motorsport

Both all-electric championships have received strong support from Cupra, SEAT’s high-performance brand, which wants to be at the forefront of a transition to more sustainable and innovative forms of motorsport.

Cupra Racing won the inaugural championships among drivers and manufacturers in Pure ETCR and was also the first automaker to engage in Extreme E, the platform used to promote the Tavascan, its electric SUV concept.

The growing importance given to electric propulsion in motorsport – alongside existing programs in traditional touring car competitions – suits the Spanish manufacturer perfectly.

« Cupra is a brand born in the 21st century, so we have very progressive values », advance Xavi Serra, director of the competition. « Electrification is one of them. On the other hand, motorsport is one of the pillars of Cupra so electric motorsport is a perfect fit for the brand. »

For Cupra, the transition to alternative powertrains in motorsport began with the e-Racer, the world’s first fully electric touring car.

Presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2018, it was a prototype for all the cars that would race in Pure ETCR, a discipline offering an innovative format of short and intense races. The process is identical to that which made the SEAT Leon Supercopa one of the bases for the TCR category at the international level of touring competitions in 2015.

The e-Racer evolved into the ride that led Mattias Ekström and Mikel Azcona to victory in three of the five Pure ETCR rounds in 2021, with Ekström also claiming the drivers title.

With a power of 500 kW (670 hp), the e-Racer can generate a torque of 960 Nm thanks to its four electric motors, which is much higher than that delivered by a conventional internal combustion engine.

This allows for impressive acceleration, despite the extra weight of the batteries, going from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.2 seconds and being able to reach a top speed of 270 km / h.

For the Executive Vice President of Research and Development at Cupra, Dr Werner Tietz, such numbers coupled with the brand’s track success justify the approach taken.

« Our victory in Pure ETCR allows us to demonstrate to the world that this electric technology can deliver competitive and exciting racing cars, while allowing us to continue to learn and develop technologies that we will see in the future in cars. of road. « 

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