Why concern explodes around Victor Wembanyama

While he is quietly enjoying his offseason, Victor Wembanyama has suddenly seen his case be the subject of a lot of apprehension in recent hours. A completely understandable phenomenon given recent news in the NBA!

Rare are the prospects who have seen themselves surrounded by such attention across the Atlantic, a year before potentially landing there. As the 2021 NBA Draft approached, American scouts’ eyes were already on Victor Wembanyama. Nothing surprising in that, knowing that the young French interior has been receiving the label for a few months now… as the biggest talent ever seen in history.

Despite the great competition that is announced next year – with among others the very promising Scoot Henderson, Wembz should, barring disaster, be selected in very first position during the big lottery. His immense talent seems indeed essential for the team holding the future 1st pick… who will still have to take into account a certain risk factor when getting their hands on him.

Victor Wembanyama/Chet Holmgren, same fight?

If his enormous potential is no debate in the NBA, Wembanyama nevertheless represents a bet because of his physique. Still very frail for his size, he therefore seems more prone to contracting injuries, which inevitably worries within the league. The recent setbacks encountered by Chet Holmgrenwhose size is close to that of the Frenchy, have therefore pushed even more alarmism on this point:

With the news about Chet Holmgren and the history of players of his caliber in NBA history, I would be afraid to draft Victor Wembanyama, although I feel that it is a risk that any team would be willing to take !!! But it would be better for them if they had a backup plan, though!

Freaks of the genre rarely escape repeated physical glitches, which is nothing to reassure about Victor.

What’s more, unlike Holmgren, Wembanyama already has a lot of liabilities in the infirmary. In particular, he has missed many ASVEL matches in recent months, and has not been able to participate in the preparation of the French team for the Euros due to a recalcitrant injury. No wonder, then, that the fatalistic speeches about him are multiplying lately!

Already injured even before making his NBA debut, Chet Holmgren unwittingly weighed down Victor Wembanyama’s rating. The French prodigy will therefore have to reassure about his health to calm the fears that accompany him more and more!

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