Why Ben Simmons’ relationship with the 76ers is broken

Announced at the start, Ben Simmons should leave the 76ers in the near future. A new rumor has just come out on the Australian, suggesting that the trade is more inevitable than ever.

Judged as a future star since his arrival in the NBA, Ben Simmons was very disappointed after his rookie season. He has not been able to improve his game, and his reluctance to attempt shoots in a match seems to annoy more than one. No matter where he plays in a year, we hope to see a change for the Australian. Otherwise, it could be quite a headache.

But for now, impossible to know where Simmons will play in 2022. The 76ers are negotiating with several teams, which has the gift of annoying the person concerned. The latter would have decided to take revenge, which complicates everything a bit. More seriously, the front office will have no real choice but to trade it if all this is true.

No one in the league wants to relive a James Harden-style scenario with the Rockets, especially when you’re a title contender. Simmons should therefore leave quickly, even if his future is linked to Damian Lillard. The 76ers are looking big for the future, but the pressure is on them with the latest rumor of the day.

Like his behavior with Joel EmbiidSimmons seems very annoyed with some members of his organization. Is all of this fixable? We can doubt it, and Kyle Neubeck, journalist for the Philly voice, seems to be in the same category. According to him, there is a rumor that Doc Rivers has also lost contact.

Simmons, for example, hasn’t cut off contact with everyone within the organization. Teammates have contradicted it all, and a team photographer is often seen with Simmons. This does not mean that all is well, because it remains rather vague between the two parties. The relationship between Simmons and Doc Rivers, in particular, is said to have suffered significant damage. Some say it is irreparable.

Definitely, Simmons would thus have many problems with multiple people in the Sixers. Is reconciliation possible? We can doubt it, especially given the number of rumors. Expected outcome before the training camp, at the risk of seeing a nightmarish season.

Between Ben Simmons and the 76ers, the relationship is more strained than ever. The departure seems inevitable, but under what conditions? This is one of the major challenges between now and the resumption of the season.

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