Why are Ferraris red?

The mythical Italian cars are a dream for automobile and Formula 1 enthusiasts. We often believe that they are red because it was the favorite color of their creator, Enzo Ferrari. But, that is not the case at all.

The creator of the Scuderiaas they say, his favorite color was yellow, the color of his birthplace, Modena, where Maranello, the historic headquarters of the brand. That’s why the Ferrari crest, it is a prancing horse on a yellow background surmounted by a border representing the Italian flag. The real reason for this red is elsewhere.

In fact, Enzo Ferrari had no choice. When he created the Scuderia in 1929 as a racing team for Alfa Romeo, the international motor racing regulations is strict. In particular, it imposes a precise and compulsory color code for cars according to their Nationality of origin. Blue for French cars, silver gray for German ones, green for English ones and therefore red for Italian ones.

So for the Ferraris, this little color annoyance for Enzo Ferrari did not prevent his team from dropping out. 16 tracks constructors’ world championship, 15 drivers’ world championship titles and 238 Grand Prix victories. Yes « the Commendatore » as he was nicknamed had wanted yellow cars, he would have had to set up his team in Belgium, because that was the color attributed to vehicles in the flat country.

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