Who would dare to drive such violent karting?

These go-karts really have nothing to do with the models that you can rent for about ten minutes in exchange for around twenty euros. They overtake racing Porsches on the track.

Who has never had fun with friends on a go-kart track? For a few tens of euros, it is possible to have fun driving these machines capable of delivering very pleasant sensations despite their small engine, often a small 250 cm3 4-stroke block developing between 9 and 13 horsepower.

The model visible in the video below belongs to the “Superkart” class. It has a full fairing and its two-stroke engine develops 100 horses for a weight of 200 kilos. Equipped with a real racing car seat, it produces demonic acceleration and reaches 240 km/h at top speed.

Terrifying feelings

It’s really not the kind of gear you would want to give to anyone. Above, the driver installed in the machine doubles the racing Porsche 911 GT3s. In a small tray of 200 kilos. It leaves you dreaming!

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