Who is the player still with Steph and Seth in the family photos?

The Curry family is one of the most powerful in the NBA, with two brothers blithely dominating this season in very different roles. But in the family photos, a third player always invites himself, and it was still the case this Wednesday for Thanksgiving. Who is he ?

The Warriors hosted the Sixers on Wednesday, the perfect opportunity to solidify their first place in the West, but also and above all for Stephen curry to dominate his little brother Seth. The latter is in the process of carrying out a totally crazy season on the Philadelphi sidee, it was therefore necessary for the Chief to restore his superiority as an elder. And it’s done with an impressive 20-point victory. Both brothers have been excellent.

25 points, 10 assists, 4 rebounds and victory for one, 24 points for the other, it deserved a little family photo. Especially since in the United States it is the Thanksgiving period, the quintessential family celebration. And on the cliché relayed by Stephen Curry on social networks, a head was invited alongside him and his brother. Not all the fans understood

Damion Lee, the third Curry brother

A family story! Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

You might not know it, but a third Curry brother is playing well in the NBA. So it is not a blood brother, from the union between Dell and Sonya Curry, but their brother-in-law Damion Lee! The rear has been in a relationship for some time with Sydel Curry, the youngest of the family, and they are also preparing to welcome a child, news that had transported Steph and his companion Ayesha last summer.

In any case, we better understand the relationship on the ground between Stephen Curry and his teammate, since they necessarily share a very strong bond. Moreover, with 9 points and 3 rebounds, Damion Lee is perfect off the bench and in his role of trigger to support the Chef. After the sports advice, the first unanimous MVP in history will be able to give parental advice to his brother-in-law.

Stephen Curry is obviously very close to the future father of his nephew or niece, a relationship which is rather evident in the field. With them, the Warriors’ locker room is likely to be most welded until the end of the season.

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