Who is out? Uncertain ? Back ?

Every evening during the season, many of you ask us if this or that player is present or absent for the evening game, so we will continue to give you a daily update, updated live (until 00h- 1h). This will help you with your fantasy, especially the coach’s game (the instructions are here) or your bets.

As a general rule, we will not specify that a player has been out for weeks yet, we will however announce a possible return. Note that it is possible that a player announced out, is finally activated at the last moment or during the evening. So do not hesitate to iron.

1:00 am: Cleveland Cavaliers – Brooklyn Nets

01:00: Washington Wizards – Charlotte Hornets

1:30 am: Boston Celtics – Houston Rockets

01:30: Atlanta Hawks – Oklahoma City Thunder

02:00: Chicago Bulls – Indiana Pacers

2:00 AM: Milwaukee Bucks – Orlando Magic

02:00: New Orleans Pelicans – Minnesota Timberwolves

2:30 am: San Antonio Spurs – Phoenix Suns

03:00: Utah Jazz – Memphis Grizzlies

04:00: Sacramento Kings – Philadelphia 76ers

The NBA this year has decided to make the injury report public every night, which it updates every hour here.


  • Out: Absent
  • Likely: Should play
  • Questionable: Uncertain
  • Doubtful: Shouldn’t play
  • Available: Available

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