Who invented football?


The famous football, also known as soccer, is the most popular sport in the world. But who exactly invented this sport?

Football is an English word, taken from the word « foot » which means foot and « ball », ball. This game practiced all over the world is thus the most popular sport and brings together nearly 3.5 billion fans, ahead of cricket and basketball (respectively 2.5 and 2.2 billion supporters). This list was established according to a set of fifteen criteria ranging from the TV audience in relation to sporting events, the number of international professional leagues to the number of amateur players (licensed). But despite its Anglo-Saxon sound, modern football is actually the fruit of a very varied interbreeding, the first sketches of which date back to antiquity. And the Chinese were the first to practice a ball game related to football around 2500 BC.

The beginnings of football in antiquity

Besides, fifa (Fédération internationale de football association) readily acknowledges this: the contours of modern football as we know it today would indeed have Chinese origins. This ancestor of the round ball was then called Cuju and was played as a team, with the feet. At the time, however, it was more a way of maintaining the lower part of your body (feet, calves, legs) than a sport as such. Moreover, the legionnaires of the Roman Empire played a sport that is more or less similar to today’s football, even if it was much more violent. This ball game was called harpastonewhich means in Latin tear with force. VSThis translation shows the very aggressive character of this ancestor of the round ball where all shots were then allowed.

The English at the origin of modern football

However, we often hear that football is an English invention, which is not completely untrue. The rules of modern football were indeed codified in England in 1863 by the first sports organization dedicated to this sport: the Football association. Previously, soccer was already popular in English schools, but the rules were not fixed from one institution to another. We can thus say that the cradle of football as it is practiced today is indeed England. Another memorable date in the history of this legendary sport: 1904which marks the birth of fifa. Created in Paris, the Official Sports Federation of Football has finished standardizing the rules of this sport and organizes most of the official tournaments.

Who scored the first goal in football history?

Kenny Davenportthe Bolton winger opened the scoring at 3:47 p.m. on September 08, 1888 on a home game against Derby County. The Match takes place on the Pike’s Lane pitch in front of 5,000 spectators. It was in front of these thousands of supporters that Kenny Davenport scored the first “beautiful goal” in the history of football.

What was football called before?

When discovered in 1147 in France, particularly in Brittany and Normandy as well as in the British Isles, Football was the name of “soul”. It was a sport that was practiced with the legs and a ball.

Who is the father of football?

No one can claim to be the inventor of Football in the world. But, as a matter of honor, the title of inventor of football is granted to Ebenezer Morley father of the Football Association. He is also the founder of the Barnes Football Club. In addition, his letter to the newspaper Bell’s Life is at the origin for this purpose of the historic meeting which established the new rules of football. Ebenezer Morley is therefore considered the father of football in the world.

How old are soccer cleats?

In 1526, the Royal Wardrobe ordered shoes from a certain Cornelius Johnson, shoemaker to Henry VIII, for playing football, a very violent ball game (ancestor of modern football) which the King of England played every Mardi Gras.

But, often soggy, the English lawns are slippery and the monarch does not want to risk spreading out in front of the court. Johnson therefore had the idea of ​​molding leather studs into the soles, using a form, thus making them more grippy.

In the 19th century, the use of crampons became common and footballers used whatever they found: nails, metal plates…

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