Who considers the Ryan O’Reilly trade a victory for the Leafs?

In today’s episode of Daily face-to-face live, Toronto Maple Leafs reporter David Alter joined the show to discuss the weekend blockbuster surrounding the Maple Leafs’ acquisition of St. Louis Blues captain Ryan O’Reilly and Noel Accairi. David Alter also discusses the idea of ​​whether general manager Kyle Dubas will continue to explore the market.

Frank Seravalli: Let’s dive into this week’s edition of the All 32 and discuss big trade. Please welcome to Daily face-to-face live our friend David Alter from the Maple Leafs. He’s covered this team all season, maybe the only guy who’s been on the road every practice and game with the Maple Leafs. If you don’t follow David Alter, you should. David, we’ve had about 60 hours to process this trade of Ryan O’Reilly joining the Leafs. When you look at it, what do you do with it? There are so many ways to do it and not necessarily from a price point of view because I think everyone knows that’s a high price to pay but I guess my question is what would it take to make the Toronto Maple Leafs consider this a success when all is said and done?

David Alter: Well, I think a deep playoff run would be one. It’s no secret that it’s pure rental play here when you have two guys playing the same center position and expiring at the end of the year with as you mention , a steep price to get them, including their first-round pick this year. But, one round, a few rounds, get some kind of playoff success and show that you’re making progress in that department. The main takeaway for me in all of this isn’t even just O’Reilly, but it’s the Leafs’ complete lack of center depth, so finding someone like Noel Acciari who can really determine what the six will look like last and what a last six that could rival any other last six these opponents might put up. Having a guy like O’Reilly could move Tavares around and make him a bit more optimal on the wing as we’ve seen throughout some games. For me, the big advantage is not only the acquisition of O’Reilly, but it is the central depth that was missing in this position. I thought they needed a third line cross but in doing that they also addressed the front six wingers by being able to move Tavares but also getting that depth from the back six with Acciari.

mike mckenna: If I were Kyle Dubas, I would also have done this job. I’m also wondering if there’s more to come because the defensive and the goalie always make me nervous and I don’t think they’ll make a goalie change so let’s just focus on that fullback plan. Think about the fact that this club now has nine UFAs pending, so do you think this club would go out and take another hire or try to get someone on term?

David Alter: Yeah, it’s hard to crack. If you look at the transactions that Dubas made as the deadline approached, they all have the same identity; picks, prospects that are not considered in the top tier players and no roster players. You have to do something with your roster if you want to improve it or pick a player eventually. You’ll either have to move a player from the roster or a top prospect because the Leafs don’t have the right assets, they only have 5th and 6th round picks for the 2023 draft. want to do that, if they want to add depth for future goalkeepers or a player with a term in defence; it’ll have to be a game-changer like Jake Muzzin was when they did it in 2019. Other than that, it’s probably just another pure rental game and Luke Schenn is a name that gets thrown around a lot, but the Leafs have guys Jordie Benn and Victor Mete. I agree though Mike they need some reassurance because some of these young guys haven’t proven it in the playoffs yet and you kind of want that price there just in case Liljegren or Sandin crosses not this step into the playoffs this year.

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