Who are the biggest breakers in Formula 1?

This 2022 season, it is the Canadian driver Nicholas Latifi who is doing the most damage to his Formula 1. His accidents have already cost his team nearly three million dollars. Mick Schumacher is also very expensive for his team.

There are always accidents in Formula 1 and as you can imagine, these accidents inevitably cost a lot of money: every single carbon fiber part is custom-made in a factory using only state-of-the-art technology. Even repairing a simple front wing involves a budget extension of more than a hundred thousand euros.

Without knowing the details of the budgets of each team, it is obviously impossible to know the exact cost of these accidents. But like last year, some go there with their estimates by listing the accidents that have occurred in the race since the start of the 2022 season as well as the parts destroyed in these crashes. According to this necessarily approximate estimate, it was Nicholas Latifi on Williams who cost his team the most since the first race. He reportedly destroyed approximately $2.8 million worth of parts following his off-track runs. Mick Schumacher is not doing much better: his multiple crashes would have already cost the Haas team just under $2.2 million. A little more than the French Esteban Ocon who would have broken for around 1.4 million dollars from his Alpine.

Seven good students

Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, George Russell, Yuki Tsunoda, Kevin Magnussen, Sergio Perez and Daniel Ricciardo have never broken anything since the start of the season (after the Miami Grand Prix). They therefore allowed their respective teams to save on spare parts.

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