Who are the big names still without a team at the dawn of the NBA season?

It’s the end of September, training camps have started, pre-season is about to begin, and the first regular game is scheduled for three weeks from now. In other words, the 2022-23 campaign has been launched, but some – whom we know well – are still on their sofa.

Blake Griffin

Valuable for the Nets during the 2021 Playoffs but appearing well burned last season (6.4 points and 4.1 rebounds on average), Blake Griffin is still without a fixed team. The former king of the poster dunk and six-time All-Star is obviously no longer of much interest to NBA franchises, even those looking for experience. But rest assured, Blakounet is not sad for all that. A few weeks ago, we saw him bingeing on the side of Las Vegas with Chandler Parsons and would now be addicted to golf.

carmelo anthony

One of the top ten all-time scorers is still around. If Melo remains able to score with his eyes closed, there is no crowd to sign him. At one point, following the announcement of Danilo Gallinari’s major injury to the Celtics in early September, it was believed that Anthony was going to cross the States to move from… Lakers to Boston. In the end, it remained at the rumor stage and Carmelo continues to train alone in his corner.

Lou Williams

Will we see the Underground GOAT on the NBA courts again one day? After coming out of his least productive season (barely 6 points on average in 14 minutes and only 56 games played for the Hawks) since his sophomore campaign in 2006-07 (and yeah it goes back), the three-time Sixth Man title winner of the year seems to be coming to an end. And obviously, he is ready to accept it if we are to believe his words released a few weeks ago: “If an opportunity arises, it has to make sense. The situation has to be good, a situation where I can continue to grow as a player and where I can guide young people. If it’s just to sit on the bench, it’s not worth it, I have more important things to do with my time. »

Dwight Howard

After a new freelance at the Lakers last season, Dwight Howard now seems closer to signing a deal with WWE than with an NBA franchise. “He has my number” even indicated Triple H, former famous wrestler and one of the leaders of the WWE today. Goodbye basketball courts, make way for the wrestling rings for the 36-year-old pivot? Not impossible at all.

LaMarcus Aldridge

After being forced off the court for heart problems, LaMarcus was able to return last year to the Nets, and showed that he was still a very productive player at the age of 37: 13 points and 5 average rebounds of 55% in shooting in 22 minutes, it’s honorable but for the moment it hasn’t allowed him to find a base. If the latest rumors are to be believed, LMA could decide to hang up, however the Celtics – diminished by injuries to Robert Williams III and Danilo Gallinari – are keeping an eye on him.

Paul Millsap

Not so long ago, Paul Millsap was still considered a valuable veteran who could help an ambitious team. Today, he looks pretty fucked up. No disrespect towards the former All-Star but between Brooklyn and Philadelphia last year (3.5 points and 3.5 rebounds on average), Paulo has clearly shown his age (37 years old). Not sure that it pushes back a floor…

DeMarcus Cousins

Since his big injury problems, DeMarcus Cousins ​​has chained experiences, from Houston to Denver via Los Angeles and Milwaukee. Without ever settling permanently in a team, but showing each time that he could always be productive in a limited playing time. At the Nuggets last year, he still brought 9 points and 5 rebounds per night in just 14 minutes of play in the shadow of Nikola Jokic. So we want to remain optimistic for DMC. Whether it’s before or during the season, an opportunity should present itself for Boogie at some point.

Rajon Rondo

Involved a few months ago in a very dark case of domestic violence with the mother of his children, Rajon Rondo had clearly not settled his case after a rather difficult campaign on the prosecution. And today, despite his experience, his basketball IQ and his champion DNA, RR is therefore still free of any contract. At least that leaves him time to organize his future marriage, he who has just become engaged.

isaiah thomas

Back to square one for Isaiah Thomas. He who does not stop fighting for a spot in the NBA is once again without a team after his last stint – not uninteresting – on the side of Charlotte (8.3 points on average at 40% of the parking lot in 13 minutes). The last time we saw IT was in Los Angeles where he did some workouts with the Lakers. Case closed without further action, but knowing the guy he will continue to knock on the door of franchises for a new opportunity.

Lance Stephenson

We saved the best for last. Lance Stephenson aka Born Ready aka Sir Lancelot aka the Air Guitar King. It is with the greatest regret that we realize that the Pacers magician is still a free agent and that we will therefore not see him on the court unless a team has the bright idea to sign him. And when we say a team, we necessarily think of Indiana, which seems to be the only place on Earth where Lance can really do Lance.

But also : Trevor Ariza, Hassan Whiteside, Eric Bledsoe, Jeremy Lamb, Ben McLemore…

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