who are the best training clubs in France?

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A ranking of the best training clubs among the 31 divisions of UEFA member countries was published by the CIES (Center International d’Etude du Sport) in its weekly newsletter today. To make this classification, the Center is based on an indicator weighting the number of players trained according to the sporting level of the club, their playing time and their age. If Ajax sits at the top, the first French club is Olympique Lyonnais (32 players), followed by PSG, tied with Stade Rennais (30 players).

As a reminder, according to UEFA’s definition, training clubs are those in which players have stayed for at least three seasons between the ages of 15 and 21. The seasons during which footballers celebrated their 15th and 21st birthdays are also included.

to summarize

Olympique Lyonnais, Stade Rennais and Paris Saint-Germain are the three most successful training clubs in the field of training in France according to the Center International d’Etude du Sport in its weekly newsletter.

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