whistle, hoots, laser … the English Football Federation sanctioned for the behavior of its supporters during the semi-final


England’s football association (FA), the English football federation, has been sanctioned by UEFA, organizer of Euro football, we learned in the India Times. A sanction for two very little sporting behaviors and fair play.

The famous English phlegm took a hit during the England-Denmark semi-final during Euro football 2021. From the start of the match, the English supporters behaved badly, in « 

boo the danish national anthem played before kick-off

», Wednesday July 7.

Sportingly, this is not the worst. During extra time, when the English captain, Harry Kane, was stationed to take a penalty, fans could not find anything better to do than point a laser at the face of Danish goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel. The penalty freed England who beat Denmark 2-1.

The English Federation is scooped a fine of 30,000 euros.

As for the laser, it does not seem to be at fault in the final result. To say it, Kasper Schmeichel himself: “
It was behind me, on my right (…). On the other hand, I noticed it during the second half, I pointed it out to the referee who went to tell one of the two linesmen.
», Reports BFM TV.

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