Which starting point guard for the Clippers?

Holder in the lead last season, since he started the 75 matches he played, Reggie Jackson must this season deal with competition from John Wall.

Arrived this summer at the Clippers to revive himself, after having gone through a very dark period, between serious injuries, death of relatives and sidelining in Houston, the former Washington point guard was considered, at first sight, as a solid reinforcement when leaving the bench.

A feeling confirmed half-word by Tyronn Lue, who gave some clues about the current hierarchy in this position.

 » Reggie moved on with the first five he was in charge of. John, with his five, did a good job accelerating play in transition and getting easy field goals for his teammates. “Announced the Clippers coach this Thursday, after training.  » They both play very well, it’s a healthy competition. »

Lue then evokes a very specific idea for his new leader: to make him play with the youngest off the bench, who perhaps correspond more than the holders to his « run-and-gun » style of play.

 » He’s been playing really well so far, so nothing is set in stone. But there is a pattern that I really like: when he plays at full speed towards the racket, with Brandon [Boston Jr.] and T-Mann [Terance Mann] in the wings that constantly cut towards the circle, and Marcus [Morris] who can then more easily go to his spots. “explains Tyronn Lue.

In this configuration, Reggie Jackson would therefore keep his place as playmaker in the five majors, even if Tyronn Lue strives not to really name this position that way, since the « playmaking » strictly speaking will be the responsibility of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard above all:  » instead of talking about playmaker, I would rather say holder, finisher or connector. »

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