Which sport to choose for the start of the school year? The sports forum returns to Place de Jaude in Clermont-Ferrand

The sports « camping » of the Place de Jaude will set up its pickets on Saturday 10 September. Organized by the Municipal Sports Office (OMS), every two years alternating with the association forum, in conjunction with the city of Clermont-Ferrand, the event brings together the majority of sports associations that make Clermont a  » 100% sports city”.

In numbers.
Number of tents set up on the Place de Jaude
80. Number of sports associations and a space dedicated to the city’s sports clubs
20. Number of new participating sports associations in 2022
106. Number of disciplines represented. Parcours, breakdance and skateboarding make their debut.

“In total, 80 associations will be present this year. Since the creation of the event in 2003 at the Maison des sports, it is a record”, underlines Gérald Nivelon, president of the WHO. Among these, twenty of them will come for the first time. Good news. »

The pride of sports less publicized. Of the 106 disciplines presented, new practices will be highlighted. The course – acrobatic sport which consists in crossing urban obstacles – breakdance, skateboarding or even rowing.

A space for second-hand clothing and sports equipment. New for this 2022 edition, an operation to promote second-hand sports equipment will take place in partnership with the recycling center, JeRecycle Parc. On site, the public will be able to buy second-hand clothes and sports equipment.

A « snake circulation » on the Place de Jaude. On the organizational side, « no more central aisle with stands on each side, the circuit will be more fluid and the stands more visible », assures the WHO.

See you on the Place de Jaude, Saturday September 10 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Ready, set, go.

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Bastien Durand

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