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Which parts of England and Wales have had the most Premier League seasons and titles?

The Premier League was launched in 1992 with nine matches starting on Saturday August 15 at 3pm, covering stadiums across England – but, 30 years later, which region has ruled the roost?

In terms of the number of teams representing regions, London and the North West lead with 10 each, followed by Yorkshire and the Humber (seven), West Midlands (six) and South East (four).

The East Midlands, East of England and North East have each had just three clubs representing the respective regions over the past three decades, while just two have come from the South West – exactly like the teams Welsh.

All the teams that have competed in the Premier League are listed in the interactive table above, revealing that the two South West clubs include Swindon and Bournemouth – with both teams sitting on the outer limits of the region.

What about the seasons by region?

Perhaps surprisingly, London teams have logged more Premier League seasons than North West clubs, but only by the better margins – racking up 168 seasons compared to 165.

Arsenal and Chelsea have always been London-based forces in the Premier League – as have Tottenham

West Midlands come third (74), ahead of North East (58), South East (38), Yorkshire and Humber (37), East Midlands (28) and East England (23) – while Wales (nine) outnumber the South West (six).

Only six clubs have been ever-present forces in the Premier League: Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham – the Toffees narrowly maintaining their perfect streak this term after avoiding relegation with late form.

Out of those six clubs, Aston Villa and Newcastle have each racked up 27 campaigns over the past 30 years, ahead of West Ham (26) and champions Manchester City (25).

Bournemouth (South West) will extend their top-flight tenure to six campaigns after winning promotion as Championship runners-up this term, as will play-off winners Nottingham Forest (East Midlands), while London-based Fulham, will advance to 16 seasons after earning promotion as champions.

Alright, but what about securities?

But the titles provide the proof in the pudding, don’t they?

Well, if titles are the deciding factor in deciding which region topped the Premier League, the North West are an outright winner with 21 trophies.

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Sir Alex Ferguson led Manchester United to 13 Premier League titles, despite the club winning just seven top-flight titles in the previous 98 years before his appointment.

In fact, only three regions have won the National Division since 1993, but London are the closest challengers with eight so far – while the East Midlands won a solitary title thanks to Leicester’s fairytale crown in 2016 .

The chart below clearly shows how Manchester United remain the historic powerhouse in the league with 13 league wins in 30 seasons.

Meanwhile, United’s ‘noisy neighbours’ Manchester City have edged Chelsea as runners-up with six trophies and more, meaning 19 or all 21 of the North West’s Premier League titles have been won in Manchester.

Manchester City's Fernandinho lifts the Premier League trophy
Manchester City’s Fernandinho lifts the Premier League trophy

With three Premier League titles, Arsenal remain the only other club to have won the division more than once, with Blackburn, Leicester and Liverpool all locked on a solitary title to date.

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