Which NHL vacancies could be filled next week?


With several NHL coaching vacancies, Daily Faceoff president/insider Frank Seravalli and Tyler Yaremchuk discuss who could fill those roles as early as next week.

Tyler Yaremchuk: Let’s talk about a few coaching vacancies that are available, but is that like me, or is it a little quiet on that front, just waiting for the first domino to fall?

Frank Seravalli: Yeah, this week Tyler is where the rubber meets the road. There’s so many different things going on, and a domino or trickle-down effect that can be tied to all of this, I think, largely revolves around the ongoing sale of the franchise. I thought we tended towards the end of last week, and now we’re in the moment of when the preferred bidder emerges for the Senators sale.

Frank Seravalli: What do I mean about the domino effect that is related to this? Well, first of all, there’s a holiday weekend that always slows things down here in the United States. There is also Fenway Sports Group; the owners of the Pittsburgh Penguins were overseas in Monaco during the Grand Prix this weekend. So when you look at everything that’s happened here, with Kyle Dubas interviewing the Pittsburgh Penguins, I believe it’s his job if he wants it.

Frank Seravalli: But, if you’re Kyle Dubas, why would you jump on the only vacancy right now, knowing how potentially unattractive the Penguins and this rebuild could be? When you may be able to find out more in the next few days, 72 hours on the Senators. A team he grew up for and a team that is infinitely better positioned to take hold, especially with a well-funded ownership group in place. But, they may already have someone depending on who that bidder for the Senators is because some people are wondering what kind of point connects the Senators and the Oilers, who have Steve Staios in charge. If Michael Andlauer ends up being the guy, then a lot of people believe he’ll bring Steve Staios from the Oilers. But are the Oilers stepping in and promoting Staios this week? If not, do any other preferred bidders have someone in mind to bring someone with them? Could Kyle Dubas fall into this mix?

Frank Seravalli: Then you start thinking about the training aspect and its impact on DJ Smith what’s going on with Sheldon Keefe in Toronto and Jon Hynes in Nashville while Barry Trotz and the Predators have been quiet let alone everyone else coaching vacancies in the league. for the Columbus Blue Jackets, New York Rangers, Anaheim Ducks and Calgary Flames. Then you have Spencer Carberry and Andrew Brunette, who might have the pick of the litter. I think it all revolves around the nation’s capital, Ottawa.


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