Where will Radja Nainggolan land?

It’s not a secret, Radja Nainggolan no longer has a future at Antwerp. Dismissed from the core A last November for various extra-sporting problems, he has now terminated his contract with the Antwerp club by mutual agreement. It was our colleagues from the Nieuwsblad who announced it. At 34, the Ninja can still play a few short years of football, but where will he land?

Quite logically, the name of Cagliari comes back on the table. The former club of Radja where he has kept many ties is now playing in Serie B, the second Italian division. Not really in great shape, the club vegetates in the soft underbelly of the ranking. It would undoubtedly be a choice of the heart for Nainggolan, Cagliari would probably not be able to afford to guarantee him his current salary.

Another possibility, already mentioned a few weeks ago, MLS and the Inter Miami club (owned by David Beckham). The latter would be interested in the arrival of the former Diable-Rouge, and this would undoubtedly be a more lucrative challenge for Nainggolan, while not completely neglecting the sporting aspect since the level of MLS has been improving continuously for a few years. years. To be continued.

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