when the coupe thinks it’s an SUV

A Porsche 911 capable of going off the beaten track, does that seem incongruous to you? It is however the bet of the Safari which will land very soon.

Porsche 911 Safari (2022) – Porsche started working on a redesign of the current 911 range, type 992. The first shots of a facelifted Turbo version surfaced a few weeks ago, and today our scoop hunters captured the first shots of the all-new 911 Safari variant.

Our illustration of the 911 safari

A 911 dressed as an adventurer

Porsche has decided to add an unexpected variant to its 911 range, to revive the myth of the Safari models that roamed the rally-raids in the 80s. And the fashion for SUVs lends itself perfectly to such a fantasy. As revealed by the photos immortalizing one of the prototypes of this future 911 Safari, the coupé raises its ground clearance by a few millimetersput on tires with increased sidewallswhile fender extensions in raw plastic protect the wheel arches. We also note that the diffuser housed between the two exhaust outlets takes on the appearance of a sabot to reinforce the adventurous aspect of the sports car.

All-wheel drive

It’s still too early to know what engine will power this tree-climbing 911, but he’s certain that all-wheel drive will be required. The Safari could be satisfied with the entry level of 385 hp driving the Carrera 4, or prefer the 450 hp of the 4S. In any case, we can say that it will turn its back on the mechanics of the Turbo and Turbo S, insofar as none of the prototypes crossed by our scoop hunters displayed an air intake at the level of the rear fenders.

Porsche 911 Safari Price

Likely to be unveiled before the end of this year, the new Porsche 911 Safari could charge a high price for its exclusivity by starting its prices around €150,000. It will start marketing during 2022.

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