when Real tried to recruit Messi in 2013

Like Chelsea in 2014, Real Madrid once tried to recruit Lionel Messi, according to revelations made by journalist Gianluca Di Marzio in his book « Grand Hotel Calciomercato ».

The transfer of the century could have been done in 2013. If José Mourinho wanted Lionel Messi at Chelsea in 2014, another cador had tried the very coup a year earlier, according to the revelations delivered by Gianluca Di Marzio, specialist in the transfer market , in his work « Grand Hotel Calciomercato » and relayed by AS. And not just any cador since it is the sworn enemy of Barça, Real Madrid.

« I will not go to Real, you are wasting your time »

Even today, the sum of 250 million mentioned would allow this transfer to remain the most expensive in history. The merengue club would have sent at the time emissaries to Barcelona to inquire and formulate this gigantic offer. An operation which would have had very little chance of succeeding in view of the response of the principal concerned: « I will not go to Real, you are wasting your time ».

The Argentine number 10 was so insensitive to this interest of Real that he would not even have taken note of the sums offered by the Madrid club. This revelation from Di Marzio confirms that of Football Leaks in 2018, who indicated that an 8-year contract and a salary of 23 million euros per year awaited Messi in Madrid. This will therefore have been insufficient for the multiple Golden Ball to turn its back on its training club.

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