when Mansory created a unique model

As usual, Mansory attacked an Italian supercar to strip it of all its elegance and turn it into a demon. The new victim? Ferrari’s 812 GTS that transforms into Stallone Tempesta Nera.

Ferrari is a brand that exudes class, elegance and heritage. Mansory is a tuner who seems to enjoy removing all of these items on every car they tackle. Yet this tuner’s madness has met with immense success by modifying some cars to turn them into wild beasts. Although we still have a hard time understanding this popularity, it is very real.. So whether the tuner is working on a Mercedes G-Class or a Ferrari, Mansory engineers change everything they can.

This is precisely the case with this unique creation called Stallone Tempesta Nera. Based on the Ferrari 812 GTS, Ferrari’s V12-powered open-top GT becomes an example of ostentation…the opposite of discretion. At the front, the 812 has a new bumper with a vertical fin in the center, various aerodynamic flaps and a large carbon fiber front spoiler. To make this new front stand out, the Stallone now has some black detailing around the air intakes and next to the headlights. The hood has new air intakes as well and the fenders are also modified. In fact, it seems that each air inlet or outlet has received some kind of addition, just to load up the overall look of the Italian supercar. We also notice lower side skirts and new mirror caps. At the rear, several new elements are also appearing, including a new diffuser and a huge spoiler that will not allow this Stallone to go unnoticed.

What if it was too much?

This wild version of the 812 GTS is also equipped with new rims, various specific badges and several tricolor elements reminiscent of the Italian flag which is visible on the brake calipers, along the entire length of the bodywork and in the passenger compartment at the level paddles, dashboard, seats and center console buttons. The entire cabin is just as extreme as the bodywork: bright red leather, white contrast piping and quilted floor mats.

But Mansory didn’t stop there. Even if we do not know exactly how, the preparer has also improved the engine. The atmospheric 6.5-liter V12 now develops 830 horsepower (compared to 800 in normal times) and 740 Nm of torque, compared to 718 Nm for the original version. Thus, the 0 to 100 km/h is expedited in just 2.8 seconds and the top speed is 344 km/h. We don’t know how much the Stallone Tempesta Nera costs, but it won’t be cheap… and that’s good!

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