when Lekjaa threatens an Algerian candidacy yet so fragile

Lack of adequate infrastructure, repeated organizational fiascos, closed airspace in Morocco, insecurity… Despite all these imperfections, Algeria, candidate for the organization of CAN 2025, fears only one threat: Fouzi Lekjaa.

While Morocco has still not submitted an official bid to host the 2025 African Cup of Nations, withdrawn from Guinea by the Confederation of African Football due to infrastructure and equipment « not suitable or ready » for host the competition, it is already the target of virulent attacks from the Algerian press.

For some media, Algeria, which has officially presented itself to host the Pan-African tournament, could lose only because of « the backstage game » in which the president of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF), Fouzi Lekjaa, particularly excels. , and Moroccan lobbying in the governing bodies of African football.

A possible defeat in this race for the CAN would therefore in no way be due to the lack of infrastructure from which the country suffers terribly and to chronic incompetence in the organization of major events. Before the emergence of the stadiums of Oran and Baraki (Algiers), Algeria could not even provide a stadium worthy of the name to its national team which played its official matches in the potato field of the Mustapha stadium. Tchaker.

Not to mention the organizational fiasco of the Mediterranean Games in Oran, noted by the Secretary General of the International Committee for the Mediterranean Games (CIJM), Iakovos Filippousis. « To our great regret, we must point out the significant and fundamental organizational shortcomings, which created extremely negative impressions on the members of the Mediterranean Family and provoked strong reactions », had denounced the leader in a letter addressed to the president of the committee. organizer of the Mediterranean Games of Oran 2022 (COJMO), Aziz Derouaz.

The CIJM SG had also referred to an « unacceptable and unprecedented episode, which openly offends the CIJM and the Mediterranean sports family ». In other words, since the Mediterranean Games have existed, the ICMG has never seen such organizational chaos. This sentence alone defines the incompetence of the men who run the country.

This junta in power, known to be compulsive, can it succeed in a major competition like the CAN? Football is a universal sport, which unites peoples and allows diverse cultures to discover each other. However, the corporals installed in Algiers have demonstrated their inability to accept anyone who goes against their theses, however far-fetched they may be.

Simple example: any country which shows its support for the Moroccan Autonomy Plan in the Sahara risks being non grata in Algeria. The junta has even tailor-made a law prohibiting the invitation of foreign artists and singers who do not obtain a visa from the Ministry of Culture. Thus, for a foreign artist to perform in Algeria, his ideas would have to be in tune with those of the junta. Suffice to say that there are not very many artists eligible to perform in the eastern neighbor.

The junta could even, as it has already done with Morocco, close its airspace to countries qualified as « enemies ». Can CAF take the risk of seeing access to the CAN organizing country denied to nationals of qualified national teams?

And what about delegation security? CAF should take into consideration the surreal scenes that took place at the Sig stadium last Thursday, September 8, during the U17 Arab Cup final between host country Algeria and Morocco. At the end of the match, won by the locals on penalties, the Greens players attacked the national team goalkeeper. That’s not all, the Algerian supporters invaded the lawn en masse to physically attack the players of the Moroccan team at the final whistle.

If such chaos were to occur during the continental high mass, broadcast by several world channels, the CAN, which already suffers from a lack of interest on the part of the sponsors, could not survive such a failure. European clubs, already reluctant to release their players for a month, would have a strong argument for keeping their stars.

Despite all these imperfections, a decision other than granting Algeria the right to organize CAN 2025 would be attributable to the omnipotence of the president of the FRMF. This is called headlong rush, or how to hide the sun with a sieve!

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