When Julio Rodriguez homers in Seattle, 44 fans go on a trip


Julio Rodriguez is a pretty big name for the Seattle Mariners. He became the face of the franchise and he signed a long-term contract with the club.

For years, fans will be able to appreciate his prowess.

Because yes, he is a good home run hitter. He participated in the MLB long ball contest last year and is 38 since the start of his career.

Alaska Airlines therefore decided to take the opportunity to partner with the Mariners in order to do some publicity, but also to spoil some supporters.

The airline has decided that each time #44 hits a home run, 44 fans from the section where it hit a bomb will be eligible for airfare on a trip of their choosing.

It’s not nothing. I think it’s a big promotion that’s interesting.

What’s interesting is that for the company, it’s a great promotion. We speak well of her and even if she gives a ticket, we can think that not everyone travels alone.

Also, word of mouth does its job.

And for fans, there is a company that gives out tickets. It’s not nothing and it allows you to travel at a lower price when the plane is taken care of.

I like the idea, so.


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