When Joakim Noah defended Barack Obama like it was the NBA Finals

guest of jimmy fallon on the Tonight Show, Dwyane Wade told a fairly cult anecdote about a pickup game he played 12 years ago on the 49th anniversary of barack obama.

« It was legendary, » said Dwyane Wade. “I did a pickup game with Barack Obama on his 4th birthday. I received an encrypted email and I didn’t know if I was going to show up and they made fun of me or if it was the president’s birthday and we were going to play basketball. It was at the White House. All that was in the email was, ‘Come to the White House and bring your sneakers.’ And I was like, ‘I’m going. I don’t know who sent this, but I’m going.’ And in fact, it’s not bad. He is left-handed, and his game resembles him, soft. So we play with Barack Obama, he brings us together and he says to us: ‘I want you to play hard, like it’s a real game.’ And you look around the field, there’s the Secret Service all around. And we’re like, ‘But we can’t touch you. You can’t really make mistakes.’

But there is one who did not hesitate, Joakim Noah…Not surprising coming from him.

“But Joakim Noah did it. He took him off-road and elbowed him and everything. It was awesome. »Dwyane Wade

Note that LeBron James and Derrick Rose were also present during this match.

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