when Horford sent 26 pts for his first final

Off-peak times oblige, TrashTalk has taken the habit each summer of making you relive with emotion the greatest moments of the past season. Even in 2021, moreover, despite a summer that had then put all of our vital forces in PLS, but that’s another story. So we go back to our good old formula, we take a few steps back, a few months, and we remember that this 2021-22 season was crazy, from the first day to the last. Today ? A look back at Al Horford’s first game in the NBA Finals, on his 36th birthday.

To celebrate Grandpa Al’s birthday in live conditions, it’s here.

In the NBA, sometimes the stars align perfectly to give us a few magical nights. Performance all time, completely crazy matches or unexpected arsonists, these encounters often remain engraved in stone, whether for the public or for the star of the day. Speaking of star like, Al Horford is certainly not one, but the interior still has a nice bit of career. Five-time All-Star, two-time NCAA champion and NBA finalist, Al is starting to have a good time in the NBA. Duty player and model teammate, the Dominican is not a born scorer nor a playmaker of genius and is therefore rarely headlined. And yet, for his first game in the NBA Finals, which is moreover on his birthday, Alfred will give us a masterclass to get his Celtics out of a very bad situation. Qualified for the Finals for the first time since 2010, the C’s hit a big chunk: the Warriors, absent from the Finals for two years. Beyond these two small hitches, the Dubs remain on five consecutive finals including three victories, and the executives of these epics are always present. You will understand, the difference in XP is huge, a bit like when you land against the Master of the League after beating Council 4 on Pokémon. Cynthia, what have you got me drunk with your Garchomp… Anyway, enough gossip, the two teams are in uniform and almost complete – at least for the Celtics – and the first match of these Finals can start.

From the first quarter, our hero of the evening stands out. Well shifted by Jayson Tatum, Al Horford sends a first triple without flinching. A few minutes later, it is this time at mid-distance that the interior is illustrated by releasing a nice pull-up on the face of Kevon Looney. Well, overall that’s about all until the end of the first half, that AH will complete with 8 points at 3/5 to shoot including 2/3 from a distance. If you think it’s not bad but not exceptional, wait a bit, it was just the warm-up for the just thirty-sixth-year-old. Yes, on June 2, the Dominican celebrates his 36th birthday during an NBA Finals match, we have already seen worse as a birthday present. Returning from the locker room and after having probably taken three slices of cake, Horford kept his hand warm and repeated the offense with seven pawns in the third quarter, including a new 2/3 behind the arc. Open or contested, Al does not shake his chin and rains the banderillas one after the other, allowing the C’s to gradually recover a gap that has climbed to fifteen points. At the start of the last quarter, Boston is behind by a good ten points, but determined not to let his birthday be spoiled by frankly not fun guys, Al Horford will then step up one more notch and unleash a final act worthy of the greatest. Five minutes from the end and perfectly offset by Payton Pritchard, the interior will shoot an oh so important arrow on the nose of Klay Thompson to allow the Celtics to take the leader for the first time in quite a while (106-103). Ultra-focus and in the area, Al wastes no time and continues with a new shot from the bar, the C’s are six points (109-103). The following ? A new mid-distance and a lay-up with the fault, Al Horford flex And he’s right. After 141 Playoffs matches, the guy has just released a masterlcass for his very first Finals match. Record of the races 26 points at 75% in shooting (!) including 9/12 from a distance, 6 rebounds and victory at the end (120-108). If the rest of the series will be much more unfortunate for the men of Ime Udoka, Al Horford will therefore have taken advantage of this Game 1 to write a new page in his beautiful history in the NBA. A book which, casually, begins to be damn full.

Win a match in the NBA Finals – what’s more on his birthday – by putting on an XXL performance? Check for Al Horford. Still looking for a first league title, the interior can count on the Celtics, who are probably more motivated than ever to take their revenge to win the Grail.

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