When Bismack Biyombo speaks with the Pope in the Vatican

At 85, Pope Francis still has his head, but his legs are a little less lively. Affected in the right knee, the sovereign pontiff is forced to move in a wheelchair and he had to postpone his visit to Congo and South Sudan, initially scheduled for July 2 to 7.

When he heard the news, Bismack Biyombo decided to make his own way to the Vatican where he benefited from a private meeting with Pope Francis to explain to him the situation in his native country and the efforts he is putting in place to try to facilitate daily life of people in difficulty, such as the construction of a hospital financed by his salary received in 2021-2022, the renovation of dilapidated hospitals, the establishment of a scholarship as well as the development of basketball with Congolese children .

The pivot of the Suns also took the opportunity to show him the recognition of the Congolese people and their patience about his arrival.

“The simple fact of being able to be in the presence of the pope, I think it is a privilege. I wish I could have brought my mother here, but she is absolutely happy that I was able to do so and receive the Pope’s blessing”did he declare. « As he doesn’t feel well, he can’t fly. I think that if he couldn’t go to the Congo, I had to make sure that the Congo came to him. The most important thing is his health. It will come, it’s only a matter of time.

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