When a Spanish club parodies GTA to announce a transfer

Communication through social networks is essential. Obtaining likes, RTs and « Master Class BG », « T’es le boss », « Tu regales » and other « Force à toi » written automatically, it allows to underline the good moves. Add what is commonly called a ref ‘, and you win.

I like to think my hometown football club is in the best of the best in terms of videos on Twitter. But it must be recognized that others have found particularly ingenious ways to make people talk about them, in connection with video games. We remember FC Nantes with Fortnite, for example.

This time towards Spain, to Seville, Andalusia. Real Betis Balompié published on the blue bird social network a rather chiadé video to announce the signing of Argentine defender Germán Pezzella, from Fiorentina.

We see the striker Aitor Rubial signing an incredible performance, managing to move like a GTA character, with a camera placed in the same way as behind a Rockstar game protagonist.. He is heading towards the stadium to find two of his compatriots, Guido Rodriguez and the newcomer, recent winner of the Copa America.

There you go, that’s how you get 1.7 million views in a few hours. You just need to have the means, in addition to the ideas.

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